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Miserable Then – Duncecap

Miserable Then – Duncecap

Miserable Then – Duncecap

🆗1. Waste of Money
🌊2. Sometimes I Walk in the Rain
😴3. To Love Your Enemy is to Love Yourself
🌊4. What Have I Done to Myself? 🆗f. Quelle Chris
🌊5. Who Knows?

Projects strange. Highkey cant tell if he does drugs or not. Its dark but musically all over the place. Its got grit, its got vibe, its got manic, its got just crazy but somehow it all fits a specific tone. Pacing is wild, it takes you for a bit of a ride. The production is different for the better, the mix is clean, and its clear first listen lines stick out. Delivery is cool, its a nice little project for those looking for something out of the ordinary or conventional. In rotation.
6.5/10 – John D.

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