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Foe Kill – FOE

Foe Kill – FOE

Foe Kill – FOE

🔥01. Movie (ft 400 Snoop & Lawny Lu)
🆗02. Murder
🆗03. Counter
🆗04. Forth Quarter
🔥05. No Good Fellas (careless whisper sample FTW)
😴06. Muddy (ft Polo Montana)
😴07. Like Tony Freestyle

This project is luke warm at best even the songs that were fire were carried by the beat, because most of the lyrics were super generic which is fine sometimes but it gets old quick especially when the flow is the same almost every track. Features were alright nothing to write home about. Production is clean beats carry most of the songs like I said, it atleast sounds like there was some investment here but no heart in it. Just some more rehashed “get it from the mud” type shit.
5/10 -JW

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