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A Dei 2 Kil – The Lupus Dei Experience

A Dei 2 Kil – The Lupus Dei Experience
🆗 01. A Dei 2 Kil
👍 02. Hip Hop Cafe
👍 03. All I Got
👍 04. Duece Hennessy (Feat. Charlie Chan)
🆗 05. This The Life (Feat. Wrek Greys)
🌊 06. C.V.S (Feat. GBP)
🌊 07. Die Young
🆗 08. This Can’t Be (Feat. Mr. Pay Per View)
🔥 09. Fight 2 Survive (Feat. Killy Shoot)

Project is lackluster. Lupus can rap there is absolutely no doubt about that. It just doesn’t jump off the page sometimes. It almost sounds like he’s to comfortable and it comes of as bored on some of these. The production was cool. There are some slappers dabbled in there. Although there is just a issue with some of the mixing and mastering. It’s a ok release. Just not something I would go back to.
6/10 – M

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