Hades – Trizz & Sahtyre

Hades – Trizz & Sahtyre

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Hades – Trizz x Sahtyre

?1. Romero (prod. Derek Pope?)
?2. Hades (prod. Cassidy Howell?)
?️3. Smoove (prod. Left Brain & Matt Dumas?️)
?4. Presly (prod. Cassidy Howell?)
?5. Hands Clean (prod. Burnin Giraph?)
?6. Goodnyte (prod. Cassidy Howell & Lenka Shcoley?)
?7. Relax (prod. Cassidy Howell?)

Heck. This is one hell of a collabo tape. A diverse line up of producers. Cassidy Howell brought heat! Left Beain and Matt Dumas brought a beat I couldn’t dig myself into, making the track experience ifhy. Trizz and Sahtyre put in work on this to. Raps and hooks are fresh. The mixing is phenomenal but lacks every now and then by putting Trizz undercoat a bit on Smoove. Other than that, slap this bitch in a playlist and keep it spinning.
8/10 – Drake K.


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