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One of the Best Yet – Gang Starr

One of the Best Yet – Gang Starr

One of the Best Yet – Gang Starr

🎙01. The Sure Shot (Intro)
🚒02. Lights Out f. M.O.P
🔥03. Bad Name
🔥04. Hit Man f. Q-Tip
🚒05. What’s Real f. Group Home & Royce 5’9″
🎙06. Keith Casim Elam (Interlude)
🔥07. From a Distance f. Jeru the Damaja
🔥08. Family and Loyalty f. J.Cole
🔥09. Get Together f. NE-YO & Nitty Scott
📻10. NYGz/GS 183rd (Interlude)
🔥11. So Many Rappers
🌊12. Business or Art f. Talib Kweli
🔥13. Bring It Back Here
🎙14. One of the Best Yet (Big Shug Interlude)
🔥15. Take Flight (Militia, Pt. 4) f. Big Shug & Freddie Foxxx
🌊16. Bless the Mic

RIP Guru. Also RIP to whatever machine Premo made these beats on. RIP to the ears of the many that have listened to this, and to the speakers they listened to it from. Raps are here, the production is here but also in the past and future, maybe even ahead of time. The futures all showed up. The pacing works, the subject matter is Hip Hop, and honestly the quality is mad clean. Elder/Old Heads rejoice, new heads can vibe too when they not huffing paint. Its long enough to make me want to replay a few times. This is one of those classics that you knew would be classic before it even dropped but then you are shocked at how classic it actually is. In rotation.
8.7/10 – John D.

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