Esquire – Lpzck & MyNameIsAlexander

Esquire – Lpzck & MyNameIsAlexander

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Esquire – Lpzck & MyNameIsAlexander

??1. Outlaw Star
?️2. Take Me There [weak hook]
?️3. Heart on Ice
?4. Championship
?5. Flex Alexander
?6. Key of Life
??7. Right Hand

YouTube rapper. This for sure has had some type beats yoinked off of YouTube. I can tell he had the intent of these coming off as bangers, horrible attempt. But, he has almost catchy joints with “Outlaw Star” and an actual catchy song with “Championship.” I feel if he cut the adlibs from MyNameIsAlexander and used his full on voice without the autotune, he’ll be onto something.
3/10 – Drake K.


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