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uknowhatimsayin¿ – Danny Brown

uknowhatimsayin¿ – Danny Brown

uknowhatimsayin¿ – Danny Brown

🆗1. Change Up
🔥2. Theme Song
🔥3. Dirty Laundry
🚒4. 3 Tearz (ft. Run The Jewels🔥)
🌊5. Belly of The Beast (ft. Obongjayar👍🏼)
🔥6. Savage Nomad
🌊7. Best Life
🆗8. uknowhatimsayin¿ (ft. Obongjayyar🆗)
🌊9. Negro Spiritual (ft. JPEGMAFIA🆗)
👍🏼10. Shine (ft. Blood Orange🆗)
🆗11. Combat

This isn’t gonna be something I return to more than at least 10x. The 🆗tracks lack that “oomf.” They got raps, but they don’t hit as hard as they should. The 👍🏼 boi started off strong as hell then Blood Orange just threw the whole thing off with his appearance. On occasion the features just brought the track quality down a notch. Obongjayar, JPEGMAFIA, and Blood Orange shouldn’t have had any part on this project but it is what it is. Lastly, the 🔥and 🚒 got me reeled in. Production is nice asf, beats are diverse and crisp, and raps compliment this joint nicely.
6.8/10 – Drake K.

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