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Tha Liles, Vol.1 – Wesilly

Tha Liles, Vol.1 – Wesilly

Tha Liles, Vol.1 – Wesilly

🆗1. Made to Make It
😴2. Jon Snow
🆗3. Top Play f. 👍🏾Kush Jetson
😴4. Red Ranger f. L.A. Joe
🚮5. Eat & Gossip f. Kush Jetson
💤6. Take It Slow
🆗7. Retro f. Kush Jetson
🚛8. Everyone Knows f. Kush Jetson
💤9. Had to Make a Way (Bonus Track)

Project is sleepsville. Cookie cutter, simple soundcloud beats, boring pacing, features not really adding much to it and decent quality. Its predictable, the raps (when they try) are cringworthy, the subject we’ve heard and this was me trying to give it a real chance. This project is the equivalent to speaking to someone and asking them what kind of music they listen to and they say “all kinds of music”. If my last statement pissed you off thinking about those people, you know how i felt listening to this.
2.4/10 – John D.

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