We All Play Dumb – John D. Contradiction

We All Play Dumb – John D. Contradiction

We All Play Dumb – John D. Contradiction

💤01. Skit 1(her voice is unattractively attractively annoying)
🆗02. Intro (verse comes in a little weird)
👍🏾03. Skit 2 (the marriage thing really through me for a loop)
👎🏾/🌊04. equinsu ocha (I’m gonna put on a iron shirt, and chase the devil out of eart’. 2nd half of production is cool)
🔥05. Skit 3 (feels like you’re across the street from everything and she’s just shit talk narrating it. and the end)
😴06. Play Dumb (2nd voice comes in awkwardly)
🔥07. Skit 4 (resonated with the parent aspect)
💤08. Grateful (meaningful but snoreful)
👍🏾09. Skit 5 (discipline is key)
💤10. Bar Fight

Voice is annoying. Overall it just needs a lot of polish. it sounds like it was made in someones moms basement in the hopes that whenever someone in the family hears it they understand you and you guys grow a little closer. Production is cool. it’s close to the sound i have been looking for. Mixes need work but it’s audible. I would be a fan of this with all the glitz and glam that those semi mainstream indie artists have.
3/10 – tp


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