260 Herkimer EP – K Chrys

260 Herkimer EP – K Chrys

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]260 Herkimer EP – K Chrys

?01. On Drip
??02. Lost Boyz
?03. MoneyMay (the most annoying shit ever)
?04. Real (NVM this is the most annoying shit ever)
??05. Young N Flashy
?06. Freaks
??07. Clap
?08. We are at War
?09. Khemistry
?10. Dream (what in the adult kidz bop is this)
?11. Woods (waste of a fucking fire beat)
??12. Hard Love (songs too long)
?13. Ima Champion (autotune thing ruined it)

Project is a mess. Quality is pretty much “fuck it, lets put it out”. The pacing follows the same formula. The beats are more eeny meeny miny moe than anything, but lets please not think I am going to let you slide on these non existent wack raps, like no way you out here comfortably rapping like a teenager even on the one “woke” song. (no disrespect to the fire teenagers out there) Also sprinkle in those weak lost boyz tracks (oh i remember those fucking tracks) and you get this entire flaming brown paper bag filled with dog shit. You can actually try next time.
1/10 – John D.


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