The Gold Mine Vol 1. – Nickelus F

The Gold Mine Vol 1. – Nickelus F

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Gold Mine Vol 1. – Nickelus F

?01. Hardy Har Har
?02. The Hammerhead
?03. Petey’s Wingz Pt. 2
?04. Power
?05. The Ferry Song
?06. One Day On Da A Train
?07. Buddah Bluntz
?08. Cold Coffee
?09. Hot Pan
?10. Damn Sahw f. ?Young Flexico (Herb that reported us)
?11. Cool Uncle f. Michael Millions
?12. Never Leave You

Project slaps. The production is damn near flawless, especially the ones with none or minimal drums, they move me (bonus points for the last track for when the drums do kick in). Production aside do not sleep, this dude can fucking rap, hes got bars, hes got schemes, hes got relatables, melodies, he actually pulls off this gritty autotune singy thing too when he wants too. Its like an endless ride of bags of tricks, it feels original to the point where the things that may sound new age ish or with the times but with a pioneer’s touch. Pacing is great, he says the mix is unfinished etc but its clean don’t fall for it. Fire release, he also says its him emptying out the hard drive but if doing that put together this very solid and pretty cohesive project, this is gonna start a wave of rappers calling passion projects “emptying the hard drive”. In heavy rotation.
9/10 – John D.


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