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MirrorLand – EARTHGANG

MirrorLand – EARTHGANG

MirrorLand – EARTHGANG

🌊 01. Lala Challenge
🔥 02. UP
🔥 03. Top Down
🌊 04. Bank
🌊 05. Proud of U (Feat. 🔥Young Thug)
🔥 06. This Side
🔥 07. Swivel
🔥 08. Avenue
🚮 09. Tequila (Feat.T- pain)
🌊 10. Blue Moon
🌊 11. Trippin (Feat. 😍 Kehlani)
🔥 12. Stuck (Feat. Arin Ray)
🌊 13. Fields (Feat. Malik)
🌊 14. Wings

Projects slides. There is a random moment where not even the G.O.A.T himself T-PAIN couldn’t even save you. Other than that. Production is quality. Raps are there for sure. They dabble with some different sub genres an do them better than most artist who only have that one rap bag. In rotation.
7.5/10- M.

Side note: Kehlani what up? When can I take you on a date? My shoe game trash af too

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