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Reflections – Notes82

Reflections – Notes82

Reflections – Notes82

🔥01. Reflections Intro
🔥02. My Time
🌊03. Running Back
👍🏼04. Number One
🌊05. Vultures
🌊06. Suicide
🚒07. Tell’em Pray
🌊08. Book Bag
👍🏼09. All My Life
👍🏼10. Bad Vs. Evil
👍🏼11. Golden Globes
👍🏼12. Reflections Outro
👍🏼13. Bonus (Underneath It All)

I didn’t hear any reflections. Just heard mans tossing the word salad on occasion. No features needed at all cause mans did alright on his own. Production is pretty great though. Beats didn’t really intrigue me as much as they should. Radio ready is 50/50 but mans gets some plays from me.
7/10 – Drake K.

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