May the Lord Watch – Little Brother

May the Lord Watch – Little Brother

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]May the Lord Watch – Little Brother

?01. The Feel
?02. A Word From the President
?03. Everything
?04. Right on Time
?05. Black Magic (Make It Better)
?06. Life After Blackface ?
?07. Goodmorning Sunshine
?08. Dyana Change My Life ?
?09. What I Came For
?10. Inside the Producer’s Studio ?
?11. Sittin Alone
?12. Picture This
?13. N****s Hollering ??
?14. All in a Day
?15. Work Through Me

I know we do a first listen review but honestly after first listen I just know this review wont do this project justice. Project has what the body and soul need to keep moving on. All the raps, all the smooth production (didnt miss 9th much but no disrespect to the goat), all the substance, all the comfort, all the relevance, even the skits tho very funny, very real, and once you think on them a bit you almost feel ashamed at how black people are portrayed in media. The pacing, the bangers that dont need to be loud, all of it, screams classic. I have no doubt in time this will be beyond that. In rotation heavy.
10/10 – John D.


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