North Side Legend – Richie Buz

North Side Legend – Richie Buz

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??1. North Side Legend (Springz Freestyle)
?2. Southside, Pt. 1
?3. Mpdk
?4. Native Son
?5. How I Feel
?6. Driving in a Lexus
?7. Big Meech Big Pharma
?8. Greeks Vs Romans (Interlude)
??9. Holocaust

Project was tough to review. It had so much in it that I rock with. Dope subjects, the production was nice, pacing was cool even a woke spoken word type freestyle thing. The reason this got a red stamp was because this dudes voice and delivery were WILD STIFF. He sounded like he could only look straight and has to turn his entire body to look in different directions. I just couldn’t stand it. It felt like the last 2 songs he might’ve realized it a bit, (tho 8 has no beat) he did his thing and his tone and delivery worked. On all that smooth production it just sounded like FarrahConvict from don’t be a menace. Sadly gotta pass on this one.
3/10 – John D.


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