The Sailor – Rich Brian

The Sailor – Rich Brian

The Sailor – Rich Brian

🚒01. The Sailor (beat change is smooth)
🔥02. Rapapapa (ft. RZA🌊)
🌊03. Yellow (ft. Bekon🌊)
🌊04. Kids (kanye vibes)
🌊05. Drive Safe
🌊06. Confetti
🔥07. Vacant
🌊08. No Worries (beat change is slick)
👍09. 100 Degrees
👎10. Slow Down Turbo
🔥11. Curious
🌊12. Where Does The Time Go (ft. Joji)

This a 🌊 one. Mans can sing and rap pretty great. Production is great all around. The 👎 was all over the place kinda weird. The 👍 is the same old “imma rap about chicks” shit. The features added the extra “Oof” to the joints they on. Production is grade “A.” And this project is playlist worthy.
8/10 – Drake K.


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