Aspen 2 – B3nchmarq

Aspen 2 – B3nchmarq

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? 01. Winter (f. Blaklez & Boy Wonder)
? 02. Get It While You Can
? 03. 9000 Feet (f. Zoocci Coke Dope)
? 04. Dese (f. 3TWO1, DJ Sumbody)
?? 05. Living Large (f. Priddy Ugly)
? 06. Hyperbolic Chamber (f. Flame)
? 07. She Wants The Strokes
? 08. Se La Vi {? singing gave me aids}
? 09. Tango (f. Blaklez)
?? 10. Saw Me Come Up
?? 11. War
? 12. Congratulations / Safe Landing

This project annoyed me, because where there was promise; Over saturated with auto-tune, adlibs, and high pitch cringe worthy vocals. The production was ok, especially “Living Large”, and that one is honestly not a terrible song, but the quality needs improvement. The rest of the tracks were like every other thing out right now. They aren’t saying anything special, too much skirts, yeets, and yahs.. Occasionally going full Stephen Hawking on the mic. Whoever sang on “Se La Vi”…. please don’t do that ever again. My advice: if you can’t sing then don’t, say more in your music, get a better engineer, and dead those silly ass adlibs.
2/10 – D1C3


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