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The Thrill of the Hunt 2 – Che Noir

The Thrill of the Hunt 2 – Che Noir

The Thrill of the Hunt 2 – Che Noir

🌊01. Head of Goliath
🔥02. Fountain of Youth
🔥03. Dying Breed f. 38 Spesh
🔥04. Fall of Rome
🚒05. Spin the Bottle
🔥06. Kiss the Ring
🚒07. Sand Castles
🔥08. Bloody Sword
🌊09. 2 Summers
🌊10. Today

Project is fire. Its straight to your face, aggressively cold, hip hop. She talking nice but also about her life. The production is dope, Spesh feature was dope. Pacing is dope this project is such a quick listen but I cant get it off repeat. She punches heavy, she delivers heavy, her cadence and conviction are wild believable so it hits even harder. She rap raps, BARS, stories, flow, all of it. Shits harder than anything ive heard via the mainstream and most underground. Its all clean quality too. I can also put money up that she got wild hands. In heavy rotation.
9/10 – John D.

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