CDXX – Jarl Far

CDXX – Jarl Far

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]CDXX – Jarl Far

?1. On Air
?2. Cali’s Sunset
?3. Skyline Estate
?4. Pass the Reed
?5. Deejus Loves Mary (freestyle)
?6. #StayVigilant

This a decent 6 piece. Wavy but whack. The hat patterns be generic as fuck. The hats were louder than the snares. Sloppy production. Mans needs a new engineer. The high pitched vocals on track 4 killed the chances of me ever listening to that song again. Radio skits were too long. “Freestyle” was ass. Mans can flow a bit. The “stay safe” segment on the last track be the highlight besides the 2nd track.
7.2/10 – Drake K.


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