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Hotel Diablo – Machine Gun Kelly

Hotel Diablo – Machine Gun Kelly

Hotel Diablo – Machine Gun Kelly

🎥01. Sex Drive
🔥02. el Diablo
🌊03. Hollywood Whore (weak hook)
🔥04. Glass House (ft. Naomi Wild🌊)
👍05. Burning Memories (ft. Lil Skies👍)
😂06. A Message From The Count
🚒07. FLOOR 13
👍08. Roulette
🎥09. Truck Norris Interlude
👍10. Death In My Pocket
😴11. Candy (ft. Trippie Redd🚫)
😴12. Waste Love (ft. Madison Love👍)
👍13. 5:3666 (ft. Phem👍)
👍14. I Think I’m OKAY (ft. Yungblud🚮 & Travis Barker)

His acting is better than this. Was such a great start then the project just shits itself. Caught a wiff of some G-Eazy type beats. Some predictable ass beats. Mans tries slapping you with the sad stick, but it’s just the same ol’ sad shit Em was rapping about 2 decades ago. Hooks were weak at times too. Features did no justice. Is it cool if we cancel Trippie? I fuck with the skits tho. All in all its got good in it but its not all good. Kinda in rotation.
5.5/10 – Drake K.

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