Legacy – AZ

Legacy – AZ

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?01. Paint
?02. It’s Time
?03. Back to Myself (ft. Soshy?)
?04. Money
??05. We Movin
?06. I Excel
?07. Red Magic
?08. Save Them
?09. Genesis
?10. Thank You
?11. Da Jux (ft. Vado?)

Was a decent journey. The old school boom bap joints gave me some hope that good music will come back one day, but then it was murdered by an attempt of throwing a trap curve ball at you. Production was clean for the most part. Honestly seemed like mans didn’t want an EP on his hands so he threw on some filler tracks. Features held their own. Definitely in rotation minus tracks 4,5,& 7.
8.8/10 – Drake K.

Legacy by AZ

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