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Egg Rolls – WLp & John D. Contradiction

Egg Rolls – WLp & John D. Contradiction

Egg Rolls – WLp & John D. Contradiction

🚒1. Of War
🔥2. Big Leagues
👍🏼3. No Luv f. Merc The Big Body Benz
👍🏼4. Rip to the Living
👍🏼5. Loose Talk f. Zeecs

This project has no filler and, from the get go, slaps you with its 10”(10.5” during the summer) lyrical dong. The beats are like key lime pie during holidays. I also enjoyed catching gaming and pop culture references with more listens. Even though the track list is short, I would maybe add a few Gunnas and Lil Pumps to not sprain brain muscles if your regular playlist includes more than two rappers with Vs for As or numbers in the name.
8/10 – Adam The Arab

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