The 4th Wall – DirtyWhite

The 4th Wall – DirtyWhite

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The 4th Wall – DirtyWhite

?1. The Simple Life
?2. Upside Down (ft. Landmine?)
?3. My Side (ft. Tvm Killa?)
?4. Change The Channel (ft. Breeze Davis?)
?5. ATL (ft. Tvm Killa?)
?6. God Bless The Trap (ft. The Beach Bumz?)
?7. Nothing 2 Prove (ft. Sunny da Man?)

Cheeks. The “spiritual lyrical miracle” is strong with this mans. Beats were all over the place til the last 2 joints. Landmine is probably this mans bloodline cause the whack lyrics run deep in those two. The features stole the trash song they were on and tried bringing it out the trash. Production and quality get a big ass “L.” Get this Tom MacDonald wannabe outta here.
2/10 – Drake K.


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