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Summer 96 – Twista

Summer 96 – Twista

Summer 96 – Twista

🔥01. Summer 96 f. DJ Pharris
🔥02. Home Invasion f. Do or Die
🌊03. Shoot Out f. Do or Die
🌊04. Body Talk f. Scotty Music
👍🏾05. How I Look
😴06. Smoke on By f. Vic Spenser
🌊07. War Ready
🌊08. No Weapon f. Beadz
🆗09. Heaven f. Do or Die & Scotty Music
👎🏾10. All I Know f. Bandman Kevo
🌊11. So Fresh so Clean f. Berner & Clarkairlines
🔥12. Weekend f. Shan
13. Hey Na
14. Radio
🌊15. Tonite

Project is a good time. Its got its aggressive street type stuff, its got some club stuff, its got some nice R&B smooth stuff too, all you gotta do is ignore the weird dj mix stuff at the end idk wtf that was but throw it away. On top of all these sounds, this man still manages to rap and chop his ass off without making it corny, or making it too much, and never making it feel out of place. Not an easy thing to do. Features were nice for the most part, they all came with it, minus a few meh ones here on meh tracks so cant really blame them. Overall tho this is a dope release from a legend that shows he still got it, and its as polished as ever. In rotation.
7/10 – John D.

Summer 96 by Twista, Do or Die, Berner & DJ Pharris

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