The Disconnect – Diabolic

The Disconnect – Diabolic

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?01. Marvel
?02. the Story
?03. Pyrex f. DJ GI Joe
?04. Collide
?05. Holy War f. DJ Eclipse
?06. Lost in Translation
?07. Fable f. Maggie Burnz
?08. What I Want
?09. Lumberjack
?10. Dirty f. Tones & Maggie Burnz
?11. Enough
?12. Roundhouse f. Taboo
?13. Wrote This
?14. Buddy Lembeck

Project is straight to your face, aggressive, bottom of your timbs hip hop. Theres no bullshit filler, no trying of new things, no extra shit. Just raps, on raps, on bars, on wordplay, on flows, on disrespect etc etc. Its a good ass time. The beats follow this trend. This is a vet just flexing because he can. Every track slides, pacing slides, when he wants you to crinkle your face he makes you, when he wants you to nerd out, same thing, when he wants you to get evil, its here. Very clean and very solid release. Not for softer individuals. In rotation.
8/10 – John D.

The Disconnect by Diabolic

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