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Purple Garden – Yzaiah Jordan

Purple Garden – Yzaiah Jordan

Purple Garden – Yzaiah Jordan

👍🏼01. Intro
😴02. Farther and Farther Away (You’re Not Alone)
👍🏼03. Sinner
😴04. A Lot on My Mind
🌊/😴05. Mamas Eyes
😴06. Dry Tears
😴07. Rewind
😴08. Protect Myself
😴09. I Tried to Tell You
😴10. I Told You Not To

Just what we needed, a not so broke Soundcloud rapper. At least this mans can afford to put his boring ass music onto other platforms other than Soundcloud. This dude sound like he whispered into the mic the whole album. Didn’t sound so confident in the lyrics he was spitting. Besides that spoken word part on Mamas Eyes. The rest be putting me to sleep homie. Production wasn’t there to help. That meme quote was pretty dope. If this is mans first project, I would understand. If it’s mans like 4th or 5th joint. Just stop homie. Not in rotation.
1.5/10 – Drake K.

Purple Garden by Yzaiah Jordan

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