The Warm Up Tape – D1C3

The Warm Up Tape – D1C3

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?01. Parental Advisory (Intro)
?02. They Wanna Know (Mojo-Revise)
?03. I Couldn’t Think of a Title
?04. Stone Grissom f. S.Dubz
?05. Crossroad f. Beans
?06. Intermission (Skit)
?07. Snatch The Throne f. Big Prof
??08. Line Em Up f. Victory Jones
?09. Crash & Burn f. Eric Joel
?10. Storm the Castle
?11. Intermission 2 (skit)
?12. Skeletons f. Eric Joel [Broke Remix]
?13. Moment To Vent

This what happens when you say Eminem in the mirror 5 times to summon him and answer his riddles correctly. This project is heat. All comparisons aside, this dude off rip is fucking talking spicyyyyy and he out here snapping. He snaps on every song, his features went in but the star feature was that Eric Joel dude out here singing like he tryna win american idol. It works. Production is fire too. All together pacing wise too it works, its back to back raps on raps, from the spicy to the smooth kind. Back to the comparison thing tho if you miss you some old Em, you can bump this with your eyes closed and pretend its lost tapes. In rotation.
8/10 – John D.

The Warm Up Tape by D1C3

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