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Save Me – Quon Cartel

Save Me – Quon Cartel

Save Me – Quon Cartel

👎01. Grind (intro)
🆗02. Fly (ft Gunn Dunn)
🆗03. Rich Regardless (ft Slugg Savage)
💤04. All Alone (ft Hunn Dunn)
👍05. 5am in Montgomery
🆗06. Go Hard (ft Hunn Dunn , Juice Savage)
🆗07. Emotions (ft Sloan)
💤08. Tunas Atlas (ft Slugg Savage) [same beat as previous song?]
💤09. S.B.T.
🆗10. Drown (ft Devo Durant)
🔥11. Outro

This project is basically 37 mins of Gunna and Young thug impersanations. Bars are tired and recycled to death just like the autotune y’all using. Only decent song is the Outro and even that sample is recycled and tired as fuck. Bro sprinkle some originality in or take some singing lessons and ditch the autotune it’s just fucking grating to the ears.
4/10 – JW

Save Me by Quon Cartel

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