Zone Life – Bg Sticc

Zone Life – Bg Sticc

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??01. Zone Life (Intro)
??02. Love & Happiness
?03. The Rain
?04. Changes
??05. In The Party
?06. Swing My Door
?07. Street Olympics
?08. EA (Freestyle)
??09. MOB (Freestyle)
??10. Double Up ft. ?Hawk
?11. Goin’ Straight In

Instrumentals and production are dope. Dude can spit no doubt. The style isn’t something I’m accustomed to bumping and at times it got too wordy with some forced bars, but nonetheless I enjoyed this project. Features showed out as well. Decent drill time type shit. Worth a replay or two.
7.5/10 – Frankie

Zone Life by BG Sticc

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