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Empty Clip – Just Quan!

Empty Clip – Just Quan!

Empty Clip – Just Quan!

👍🏼01. Everyday We Spit (Sounded like he snapped, but he didn’t)
👍🏼02. Too Hotty
👍🏼03. Rubbin’ Off
🌊04. Business As Usual (ft. Dexx! Turner🌊)
🌊/😴05. Wake‘em Up (was dope before the Migos part)
👎🏼06. Skateboard (ft. OG Tra🤮)
👎🏼07. You Already Know
🌊08. Momma (ft. Xzayvier👎🏼)
👍🏼09. Rocc Up
😴10. Uga
👎🏼10. Left Alabama
🌊11. Congratulations (ft. Ph4ntom🌊)
👎🏼12. Bounce Bacc
👍🏼13. Lone Wolf
👍🏼14. In My Sleep
👍🏼15. Duppy
🔥16. Diamonds (ft. B.K.🔥 & Jamil Raheem🌊)
🌊17. Terminator Quan (Bonus Track)

You already know momma said you can’t bounce back from the trash homie. Get out the generic ass pool everyone swimming in. Lotta the remixes you did are pretty late to the played out mixes party. Why save the best songs for last? B.K. had the best verse on the whole album. The rest added some goods to the joints they on minus OG Tra. The mixing was pretty great for the most part. This mans had a lot of weak ass 1st grader rhymes. This dude has an ear for some pretty dope beats, I’d fucks with it more if was just an instrumental pack and not this trash. Not in rotation.
(P.S. My 12 y/o cousin can eat this mans alive on a track.)
2.5/10 – Drake K.

Empty Clip by Just Quan!

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