Boss Sauce – Mooch & Futurewave

Boss Sauce – Mooch & Futurewave

Boss Sauce – Mooch & Futurewave

🎞01. Hudson and Alphonse
🔥02. Mustard f. Rigz
🌊03. Boyz in the Hood
🔥04. Soul Plane f. Rigz
🔥05. Kill Papi, Pt. 2 f. Rigz & M.A.V.
🔥06. Elixir f. Daniel Son, Saipher Soze & Rigz
🔥07. Porch Lights
🚒08. Plastic f. Rigz
🌊09. Drugged Out f. Rigz
🌊10. Enough is Enough
🌊11. Carnation Milk f. Rigz, Daniel Son & Saipher Soze
🌊12. Boss Sauce

Project is very solid. So far this year anything Rigz is near or futurewave cooks up or anything they are affiliated with has not let me down. This wave of aggressively fire hip hop needs to take over because they are putting out some of the best shit ive heard in a minute. This project front to back is highkey hostile, its actually street (not that from the mud bullshit) and is just packed with bars and substance. I am on board with the high pitch voice, slow burn delivery style that i am hearing, these smooth but filthy beats, these equally aggressive features. Im here for it. In rotation.
8.8/10 – John D.

Boss Sauce by Mooch & Futurewave

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