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Closer To Nothing – Cane

Closer To Nothing – Cane

Closer To Nothing – Cane

🔥01. Closer
🔥02. Hashbrowns
🔥03. #Goals
🔥04. Over Thinking
🔥05. Heart Beat
🌊06. Who Want Smoke
🌊07. Give It Back (Interlude)
🔥08. Wishamufuckawould
👍🏾09. Current Situation f. Easalio
🌊10. Crash f. Ricky Ayala
🌊11. Pressure
🌊12. Wrong f. John Miller
🌊13. Embrace It All
🔥14. Closer To Nothing f. Tanna

Project is dope front to back. The pacing is dope, the content is fire, the production is top tier but the main star of this entire project is him. Every rap, every flow, every story, every flex, he crafted with precision and passion. Damn near everything on this project hit, and in different ways. The variety is overwhelming while still being very smooth. Features were dope but they were guests in his house. Entire project is as clean as his lineup on the cover. I am a fan now, and this my first time hearing of this guy. If my community didnt already give him one, I am giving him a lifetime cookout pass for this one. In rotation for sure.
8.5/10 – John D.

Closer To Nothing by Cane

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