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Lover Loner – Deyah

Lover Loner – Deyah

Lover Loner – Deyah

👍🏾01. Made in the Shade
👍🏾02. Cave
🌊03. Distance
🔥04. On Job
🌊05. Moons Ago
👍🏾06. Home
👍🏾07. They Call Me (hook threw me off)
🌊08. Us
🆗09. Thank You Lauryn
🌊10. 24 Hrs
🌊11. Blue Noise
🌊12. M5 Martyr
🌊13. H2no

Project is smooth. Very deep, the tone is very dark but its more so about being inspired and just very realistic about it. The beats are all nice, almost R&B ish and shes out here rapping on it. A bit uncomfortable if our not a jesus freak tho she kinda lays that and church swag on heavy so at one point my ears started burning. Sometimes the pace does get a bit too slow too where it can dance the line of being boring, but overall I enjoyed it. The mix is nice, the theme was cool and the best thing i can compare it to as a whole is a relaxation candle, watching it burn. In rotation.
6.8/10 – John D.

Lover Loner by Deyah

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