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The Two of Us Are Dying – Killstation

The Two of Us Are Dying – Killstation

The Two of Us Are Dying – Killstation

🌊01. Sarcoma
🔥02. Premonition
🌊03. Perplexion
🌊04. Exotropia
🌊05. Pareidolia
🔥06. Exelsior
🔥07. Manipulation
🌊08. Orbicularis
🌊09. Devastation
🌊10. Distraction
🌊11. Iota
🌊12. Fallen Angel
🌊13. Obsession
🌊14. Separation
🔥15. Ascension
🔥16. Days Before Dying
🌊17. Atraction
🌊18. Division
🔥19. Stasis
🔥20. Singing to You, in Your Grave
🌊21. Illusion
🔥22. Unconditional

Project is wild. This is all the lil peep rock lullaby sad boy stuff but better. Top tier sadboy stuff, high quality. Its got dope melodies, some very noisy but soothing parts, switchups, dope lyrics, the content, the pacing, just the atmosphere it creates is so unique you just wanna listen to see if they keep it up. It never really lets up. Nothing goes above fire or dope tho, nothing attacks its like a comfortable zone thats way above average enough to be talented and also just fresh. Its also like 30 min long, so dont let the 22 tracklist fool you this shit is short treats back to back. In rotation. Salute to the cat that submitted this!
9/10 – John D.

The Two of Us Are Dying by Killstation

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