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Growlight – Shaman P & Kappa Carter

Growlight – Shaman P & Kappa Carter

Growlight – Shaman P & Kappa Carter

🚮01. End of the Rainbow
😴02. Head for the Sun
🚛03. Good Vibe f. Chaztastik
💩04. All of This
😴05. My Life f. Chaztastik
🚛06. Be a Change
🚮07. I’m the One f. Yung 808
😴08. Realign f. Chaztastik & Trapper Jenkins
👎🏾09. Not Your Friend
👍🏾10. Talkin Bout f. Chaztastik
🚮11. Find the Words f. Trapper Jenkins
👎🏾12. World

How I pictured this project being put together:
1. Mix up cool sounds that no one thinks would work
2. Have some very touching content
3. Add the worst autotune ever
4. Skip mixing and mastering
5. Sprinkle in the most overconfident rap swag ever
Take this formula put the whole project in a trash can and rolling it down a hill till it releases. You get this mess. Nothing came together, so it just feels like back to back lost ideas. Features were wack minus homegirl on 10.
.8/10 – John D.

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