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Fuck Y’alls Ears – Swetti Boy

Fuck Y’alls Ears – Swetti Boy

Fuck Y’alls Ears – Swetti Boy

🎥01. Intro
🌊02. Pillow Swaggin’ (ft. Nasian🆗)
👍03. 12345
👍04. Red Rover (ft. Young Trungus🆗)
🌊05. Jansport
🎥06. Bad Interlude
👍07. Flex Song
🌊08. Bag Influence
👍09. Got Gotted
👍10. Give The People SMB3
😴11. It’s 1940 and you’re trying to dodge the draft
🎥12. Good Interlude
🌊13. Sleight of Hand
👍14. Electricity
👍15. Kinfolk
🎥16. Last son on the album

This that Young Gravy/Lil Windex wave? Imma call it now if he come out the rapper closet. This project is better than what i hear on the radio. Beats be sounding weird but slide. Song transitions are fresh. Production and quality are the glue to this joint. Lyrics are clowning. Features didn’t do anything. Project is solid. Not gonna listen to this again to be real. 2nd track might be in rotation.
6.7/10 – Drake K.

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