Dichotomous – Akili & Etcetera

Dichotomous – Akili & Etcetera

🌊01. Intro
🌊02. Rum & Coke f. DJ Royal
🌊03. Get Yours
🔥04. Charlie Harper
🌊05. Admonition
🔥06. Keep Speakin’
🌊07. Trouble
🌊08. Injured Soul
🎙09. Let’s See (Nina Brown Interlude)
🌊10. Eyes f. Kidada Renee
🔥11. Bar Fight
🌊12. Who?

Project slides. One thing stood out tho, dude has like 2 go to flows but he def used the fuck out of them flows. He was rapping his ass off dont get it twisted. The lick-ity-splickity flow can be a bit much but honestly the content and the production makes it work and saves it from becoming too much. He was snapping. The production is highkey the savior of this tho, on some Adrian Younge shit, its soulful, it booms, it baps, and just hits. Project manages to be smooth and aggressive at the same time. Very hip hop, passion filled, and honestly very replayable. In rotation.
8.5/10 – John D.


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