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Delgado – Eddy I.

Delgado – Eddy I.

🗣01. Be Safe(intro)
🌊02. Came From Nothing
🔥03.Capone (ft darienstaxx, Migs718)
🗣04. Coming Home (Interlude)
👍05. BLVCKVMISH Freestyle
🔥06. Htf
🔥07. Salsito y Miguelito (ft Migs718)
🔥08. Wicked
🆗09. Word Of Mouth (ft Jeffery w)
🗣10. Ready When You Are (interlude)
🆗11. Dear Gemini
🔥12. Brown Rice (ft 98jaaz )
🌊13. Note to Self
🗣14. Delgado (Outro)

This project is nice it didn’t blow me away but dude can rap he can string together some bars, I’m on board. Some of the bars were a little repetitive but most of the time the subject matter was personal and seems genuine. from the sounds of it dude is young so life experience will provide more content he’s got room to grow in rotation for sure. Coulda done without the voicemail interludes tho.
7/10 – JW

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