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XXV – Derrick Branch

XXV – Derrick Branch
👍🏾01. XXV (Had a nice start)
😴02. Smoke
😴03. Cantgoback
🆗️04. Moxy (2nd half is 🚮)
😴05. Penalty
🚮06. Stoopidlows
🚮07. Fisheyes (Sounds like the last two joints)
🆗️08. Sun Down Ft Scooterboi
😴09. Briefcase
🚮10. Dreadful Night
😴11. Nobrakes
🆗️12. Cleetz
😴13. Elevator
🆗️14. Roadroadroad
😴15. Die Again
🆗️16. Uncomfortable

This project is a result of if xxxtentacion and juice wrld had a seed and told him be the greatest imitation of them possible. Dont get me wrong if your into the whole lofi emo punk rock style rap then maybe this it for you. Production is ok, average shit you hear nowadays but for me the pieces aint hittin. I will say the sing songy joints have potential but not enough to keep me interested
3/10 – OG grey

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