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Juvenile Delinquent EP – RugRat

Juvenile Delinquent EP – RugRat

🔥1. Juvenile (Intro)
🔥2. Rap N*ccas
🔥3. Cap f. 🌊Li Fred
🔥4. Shoot Sum
🌊5. Real Shyt
👍🏾6. Slide f. BG Sticc
👍🏾7. Wron N*cca f. Huncho
🚒8. Day After Day

Project is fire. New age sound, dope raps, same flows but the content elevates it. The production is on point and the Day after day sample to close it out bruhhhhhhh. Fire pacing. Everything just hits, shit made me think, made me want to fight, made we want to do better, but also made me want to get loud all in one sitting. I went through motions, but most importantly, I could hear where he is from, the life he lives, the life he did not choose. Shit hit. In rotation.
8/10 – John D.

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