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Scriptures – Tee Grizzley

Scriptures – Tee Grizzley

👍🏾01. God’s Warrior
😴02. Sweet Thangs
💤03. Heroes
👎🏾04. No Talkin
🌊05. Had To
🚛06. Locksmith
🔥07. Scriptures
🚮08. Locked Up
🚮09. Add Me Up
🚛10. More Than Friends
💤11. Overseas
🌊12. Million Dollar Foreign
👎🏾13. Preach
👍🏾14. Young Grizzley World f. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

Project is top shelf ass. High quality chitterlings. You can season it up all you want but it still smells like shit and was full of shit. Its wack. Top of the barrel new age stuff. Bunch of clean beats that he had no idea how to work with even some weird bay area type shit knowing he from detroit where the sun does not shine. Its weak, some songs were cool but mostly its a bunch of him really trying to rap but about the same shit the industry pushes, with some autotune singy singy generic struggle stuff. Quality is clean, everything falls short. Project is ass tissues.
3/10 – John D.

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