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Organic – Casey Veggies

Organic – Casey Veggies

🔥 01. Dream$
🆗 02. Awarded
🌊 03. The Ceiling 
🔥 04. Stop Playing (Feat. Dom Kennedy)
👍/🔥 05. I Came Up (Feat. YGE-40 & 🚮 Bino Rideaux)
🚮 06. Shake Somethin (Feat. Kalan.frfr)
👎 07. Candy (Feat. The Game)
🆗 08. No Favors
🔥 09. Mirage
🌊 10. Take It Slow (Feat. Bj THE CHICAGO KID)

Project has it’s up’s and downs. There are defiantly moments where everything sound like he’s in his pocket. The comfort is there. There are just moments where he tried to adapt to much. Especially to what his feature were doing. So the song/album suffered as a whole because of it. I see the talent. Just wanted more of him doing him.
7/10 – M.

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