Second Semester – Czilent-Z

Second Semester – Czilent-Z


Second Semester – Czilent-Z
?01. Been a Minute
?02. Back Into My Element
?03. All the Same
?04. No More Gods
?05. Mr. Cool Rap
??06. Peace Among the Sorrow
??07. Master This Craft
?08. Burnin Up
?09. Do It Well
??10. Sip the Agua
Project slides, Front to back this cat is rapping his fucking ass off. He got a bit of a Mac Miller sound but if it was constant straight forward raps, no extra flair or singing n what not. Hes rapping over classic and smooth beats and doing pretty good too. Project is more for like put it on to relax and study type stuff, if you are focusing on it, it could just drag a little and feel repetitive but not enough to hate. Overall it slides tho, i would say in rotation but hate the soundcloud app.
John D.
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