Feeling Grateful – D-Tay

Feeling Grateful – D-Tay

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Feeling Grateful – D-Tay

?01. The Introduction
??02. The Return
?03. Neva Really Mattered
?04. Getting To The $ f. Noid500
?05. Feeling Grateful
??06. I Just Wanna Ball
??07. Blessed To Be Alive
?08. Tay’s Prayer
?09. Tryna Get It
?10. Celebration f. Kado
??11. Make It f. Verse & Dope J
?12. Whippin Audio f. Jamil Raheem
?13. The Storm f. Fr33
?14. The Blessing f. BK & Jack Frost (Samples fire)
??15. Catch Your Dreams III f. Nel Lite
?16. Noid 500 Speaks Outro

Project is missing allot. Pacing was a bit strange and it has a bunch of just straight up wack songs n beats on it. But the stuff that were dope had allot of substance and meaning to it that I wasnt mad at. Just needed more of that or less of the other stuff. The quality was ok overall not the cleanest bit messy. Raps were here, but the production was wild inconsistent. I spotted more bad than good and this had the workings of something I shouldve liked. Little more time in the lab and I can see something good come from it.
4/10 – John D.


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