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Where There’s Smoke – Purge

Where There’s Smoke – Purge
Where There’s Smoke – Purge
🌊01. Savage f. 👎🏾Feral Serge & DJ Crown
🔥02. Fall Back f. 🔥DJ Hike
🌊03. The Black Hand f. Shortrock
🔥04. Nobody Leaves f. 🌊Feral Serge
🆗05. Darkest Ocean
🌊06. Time Out f. DJ Crown
🔥07. Tiger Shark f. Copywrite & DJ Marco-Matic
🌊08. Pimp S**t
🔥09. War on Drugs f. DJ Marco-
🌊10. Addiction
👍🏾11. Murder Mountain f. Loneye
Project is a good time. Dudes voice is cold. Features showed up minus the opening verse to this project. All the dj’s added that adobo sauzon. The pacing was cool, as a whole it had a very vintage feel. Felt like something I wouldve swore by back in the day and forced on people because it wasnt mainstream or a known artist. The production was a good ass time. The substance was very rap had some tracks more detailed than others but all around just good raps a definite good time. Feels like its from a different era. In rotation.
John D.
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