Where There’s Smoke – Purge

Where There’s Smoke – Purge


Where There’s Smoke – Purge
?01. Savage f. ??Feral Serge & DJ Crown
?02. Fall Back f. ?DJ Hike
?03. The Black Hand f. Shortrock
?04. Nobody Leaves f. ?Feral Serge
?05. Darkest Ocean
?06. Time Out f. DJ Crown
?07. Tiger Shark f. Copywrite & DJ Marco-Matic
?08. Pimp S**t
?09. War on Drugs f. DJ Marco-
?10. Addiction
??11. Murder Mountain f. Loneye
Project is a good time. Dudes voice is cold. Features showed up minus the opening verse to this project. All the dj’s added that adobo sauzon. The pacing was cool, as a whole it had a very vintage feel. Felt like something I wouldve swore by back in the day and forced on people because it wasnt mainstream or a known artist. The production was a good ass time. The substance was very rap had some tracks more detailed than others but all around just good raps a definite good time. Feels like its from a different era. In rotation.
John D.


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