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Self Titled – AJ Tracy

Self Titled – AJ Tracy

👍1. Plan B
🔥2. Jackpot
🌊3. Rina
🆗4. Wifey Riddim 3
👍5. Double C’s
👍6. Country Stars
😴7. Psych Out!
😴8. Butterflies (ft. Not3s💤)
💤9. Necklace (ft. Jay Veitch👍)
👍10. Prada Me
💤11. Ladbroke Grove
💤12. Doing It
🔥13. Nothing But Net
🆗14. Horror Flick
👍15. Triple S

Thought this album was gonna be an average ass soundcloud album (I was wrong.) This UK rapper puts most American rappers to shame, but that’s not saying a lot. No interesting lyrics, song topics are basic as fuck. I heard one of the features but couldn’t hear the other dude. Production is there for sure. Quality is radio ready. The beats are random and common to hear. I fucks with a few of the tracks on here. Other than those, just get this Big Shaq sounding ass mans outta here.
– Mr. Kool

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