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Flowers – Stemple

Flowers – Stemple
Flowers – Stemple
🎞01. Flower Experiment
👍🏾02. Operation
🆗03. Plant Influence
👎🏾04. Chartreuse
🎞05. Bloody Roserlude
🆗06. Check It Check It f. Lynx
😴07. Buttascotch f. Faustoe
👍🏾08. Temple City f. Lynx
🎞09. Life Of A Flower
🌊10. Dead Flowers
Project is ok. My main issue with it was that when you think its slow, it gets slower. Its just under slow enough to be a comfortable listen. Lots of sounds, concepts and dope ideas but the pacing of this makes you not care for it. It drags immediately. It could be the concept but once it starts dragging theres isnt much flair to bring you up or attach you to it. Overall its type clean and shows hope but thats if you arent falling asleep. Its not bad music its just not the most interesting.
John D.
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