Jefe 2 – Hunndunn Christ

Jefe 2 – Hunndunn Christ


Jefe 2 – Hunndunn Christ
??01. Rack Race
?02. Big Bankroll
?03. Persona
?04. Swimming in The Sauce f. Juice Savage
??05. Slime Shit f. Mike Cartel
?06. Up To Par f. Juice Savage
?07. Trap x3 f. Quon Cartel
?08. Sad Case
??09. Whatever She Want
?10. Money
?11. Freak Hoe f. Chic B
?12. Excuse Me (DC-MIX) (SKIT)
?13. Flexed Up f. Devin Durant
2 minutes into this I started questioning if this was a joke or not. There is no way this is what the people are demanding or need. Dude took all of young thugs screeches sounds and flows. Sprinkled in slightly better pronunciation and removed whatever was left of substance and put together a project. Quality is clean, but production is boring, substance is meh and its all just painful and repetitive.Hes got some melodies and some flows but its hard to even recognize passed the point of not wanting him to hurt your ears anymore. Potential could be here, but not this release.
John D.


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