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Initials On My Jewelry – Planet Asia

Initials On My Jewelry – Planet Asia
Intials On My Jewelry – Planet Asia GCM
👍01. Loosies (beats to loud)
👍02. High Beams (ft Washeyi Choir) (hook is trash)
👍03. Profit Hunting
🔥04. Off The Turf (beat to loud again)
🔥05. Doomsday Preppers (Rah Digga)
🔥06. Burning Bush
🔥08. Get In Line (hook is trash)
🔥09. Gold Chain California ( ft JAZIMOTO)
🔥10. Seymour Pettygrove (ft Hus Kingpin)
🚒11. The Barbarian
🔥12. Black Magic (ft Tristate)
🆗13. Always Knew (ft Fax Da Realest )
I’m conflicted, the old head in me wants to rate this high just off bars alone but there’s to many glaring issues to do that. There’s a surprising number of issues with mixing which is odd considering who this is from, several of the songs the beats are just to loud plain and simple not mention multiple songs with trash hooks. Almost every verse is fire but there is some dangerously close to word salad moments specifically track 5. Projects got some heat on it for sure but it’s far from perfect.
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