Generation Nightmare – Twiztid

Generation Nightmare – Twiztid


Generation Nightmare – Twiztid
?️01. Live forever
?02. Phlegm in the windpipe
?03. Speak of
?️04. Something New
?️05. Siamese amazement
?06. Sick mind
?07. Here with the dead
?08. Disappear
?09. Bring me back9
?10. Magic spell
?11. Living @ the bottom
?️12. Skit 17
?13. Let it flow
?14. Don’t be hatin
?15. Role models
?️16. Wreck
?️17. If it matters what I think now
?18. 4 the nightmare children
?️19. The end of the beginning
?20. V5 strike ft Alla Xul Elu
Didn’t know what was gonna happen when I started this shit. But yo sprinkle little bit of Tech N9Ne, linkin Park, and some other rock/rap groups, you have here a very energetic upbeat album. 20 songs that I think should of been 2 albums first 10 songs are more on the rock side last 10 are the hip hop side. The second part of this album is alot better than the 1st part. Production is fucking amazing upbeat, nice sounding good time production. Lyrics are saying things here and there touching on some political and personal problems. In all you have to like this type of style to enjoy this music. A little on the long side so it does drag a little in some areas.


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